by David Taft

Most recent first....

Early May
A gull doing recce
Things just randomly left
Glacial, unearthly
This precious hour
An hour now, tiny in prospect
The teeming billions move through me
Once, I laid cities low
For the three days it roared,
Another self-contained life
That endless bank
It was spring
A vast continent of cloud
Oh the sky’s changing
Sit here too long
How recover for a moment
Planes – it’s as if
Birds – dart and plunge
Fading echo of the last bong
My weight has tested
Work to be done
I know it’s not right
To look at me
More new names in old places
Still just about humanscale
Winter sun
The wretchedest have exchanged
An accusation
The universe
Ah, one foot
Barely alive long enough
A decade’s nothing
Farmboys mostly
What’s truer
Christmas over
New Year 2019
Her mind drifting
Woodpigeon flies out of
Pale wastes of sky
How long do we have
A shaft of winter sun
Tiny darting birds
The faintest shade of blue
Christmas lights
George, 1967
What's stuck fast in me
To leave work tonight
There, all in white
Fallen amputee
Rickety sticks
It's hard won, comfort
The dead moth
Cold September night
A moth
Moth seems - not dead
Early September
Afternoon: softly
Late August
Half-naked in August
Late summer
Victoria, late August
Late summer
Late August: you think
Such beauty wasn't meant to be
Slipping down the aisle
Cats, misunderstood
Of all places
The Last Tube
You'll recall the shape
Dawn chill... Hug that thought
Over the hump
Summer drought
Hanging basket, sunlit
So many football matches
A child’ssummer’s day
Early morning, District Line
To enter
Will she still
While we were prattling
To be not lustful
Our ears aren’t made
It marks a divide
The scuttling mouse
Tails neatly curled
All the faces I’ve said “no” to
The tang of my sweat
Early morning heat
Rewind the years
AD 2150
Let it go
Almost a crime
Faraway sun
How like friends
What well keeps
Blessed state
How strangely we prize
Tattoo’d they sprawl
Approaching tube train
When you’re low
Losing the Bank Holiday crowds
Random stranger
Bank Holiday sun
To be alone
Each one that strides
Beneath this dazzling sun
Diary shows 127-238
The Regular
Sometimes it’s enough
Let nothing befall
Half past one
Departure board
Lest we forget,
In the city
Winter dusk
The sound of an empty can
No-one loitering now
Back and forth swim my floaters
Deep winter night
From root to tip
Winter tree
Alone, less than one
Still the fly buzzes
Nothing wrong with
How used you get
Old photographs
Fridge, computer
Ah but how many
Each time you look back
Every night there will
Is it playing with death
To live another day
Forever waiting
My London
Passing the pub
To carry that memory
His stabbing finger
Wheeling my luggage
Windy day: overtaken
Fifty-seventh Christmas Day
Winter trees:
About time
Not enough hair
The first snowflakes
A cold night
Solitary steps
A cold night
A borrowed seat
Freeze-frame the office
Scar tissue
Last year - illness
Cold winter night
When the oncologist said
Remember a time
There comes a point
This is my holiday
Through each receding doorway
People come and go
Eagle & Child, Oxford II
Eagle & Child, Oxford I
Oxford: squirrel disappearing
The ordinary strength to
Screams: they run: we run
The last hundred pages
The fresh smell
Out on the veldt
In this pub's back room
Make the most of
October: two woodpigeons
Each autumn
October wind
What is lifestyle
A circuit round
Grey autumn Wednesday
Year grows older
October finally
Schoolboy slowly
Big Ben strikes twelve
Travelodge, Monday night
August Bank Holiday
Takes some defiance
After the holiday
Watery sunlight
Happiness won't hide
The treatises, speculations
Life still insists
Please let me
Close to the hour of sleep
Sixteen - the sleepy afternoons
At seven, no words
A hop, a skip
When I was three
Eight: skinny-ribbed trembling
Under-age drinking
Sunlit, unhurried
Rush Hour
Each generation
The Hoop and Grapes (1593)
They put electrodes in your brain
Boy-girl talk, in a field, at night
Star size comparisons
Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian
Sunset clouds
I lost my diary
The smooth young arms
Sidestepping the dead pigeon
Only fleeting, only once
The lovemaking
Learning, finally
We are not machines
Her emerging breasts
Beauty: still the eyes
Almost sorry for
How whimsically extravagant
The faintly dispiriting
A constant balance
April Sunday in Green Park
Two young oriental women
An argument: he leaves
Feast days are rare
The eagle shares
A giant teddy
Queuing at VRE Reception, Moorfields
Alexander at the Pyramids
Measuring the drop,
No bird ever
The skylark
Fifty-six times so far,
These precious
Big Ben
Cold winter's night
The Traditional Pub
Castle Terrace, Bridgnorth, Boxing Day
On Christmas Eve
She expertly
Imagine your smartphone
Laid out those trousers
Cursed God so often
Ready to cross
Aiming for the one moment
Brighton beach, sunset
A Bench on the Esplanade
Close up, mottled and whorled
Brighton beach, sunset
Brighton beach, sunset
The tide recedes
Sunset on Brighton beach
Over there the sun's metal cools
J.W. Lennon's, Brighton
Four at the bar
Newly arrived
This is it, land's end
The fleeting familiarity
Staring at this
Brighton II
Brighton I
Phoenician trader
There is always one
Stiff haltered beauty
That dizzying, plunging
One more night
One more night
One more night
Your life keeps accepting
One more night
Two men sitting on a harbour wall
Growing old thinking about
She held back the forgiving word
This moment too
The hum of the fridge
Late summer night
Brompton Cemetery III
Brompton Cemetery II
Brompton Cemetery I
The Bayswater Arms, Mid-Afternoon
Getting Slightly Drunk
Two men waiting
Lizard's universe
Summer's day
Summertime: we're worms
All the colours
The office door
Gazing out of the window
Solitary man
Nothing in its
April: your team
At last a gleam
Marching protesters
My books
Still awake at four
Four o'clock: now
Winter solstice
Day succeeds day
Pining for the old streets
On we go, body
Late night
High winds
The meals we had
Half past four
Just glad not to be
November leaves
November fog
The spirit of November,
Eating meat
Blackbird foraging
Today is business grey
Before the final descent
Prepping for RT
I suppose the wasp
At some point
A man wheels his luggage
Two Italians talking
Summer's over
Because you weren't there
Precious - the glint
After heavy rain
Migrating clouds
How to avoid the hospital
Nothing on earth
Today, bright sun
Watching ants at work
No last rites
How long can you sit
Sun in cloud
Sun in cloud
Just going about our business
City Music
St. Paul's
England, where some days
Garden in August
You probably won't know
Ah, growing older
Hovering insects
Lifeless day, viewed behind glass
This moment frozen white
On these bright blue days
While there's birdsong
Just sitting here is enough!
World shrinks round a dying thing
No family of his own
Scaffolding rises
Looking back
To let go of life lightly
The clouds
The Garden in May
I am a lens
Twirls her pen
A Tuesday Afternoon in May
How many people
The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell
Beyond the high fence
Man with Parkinson’s
Recovering From A Prostatectomy
Good memories...
Big Bang
Light after light down this tunnel
The clean white cutting edge
One more night
Time’s inexhaustible spectrum
Baggy T-shirts, back to the bar
"It’s great - they play Sixties music"
One more night
Pole to pole
Another day
These bookshelves were full
Couldn’t stand
The orchid in bloom
Dank grey afternoon
March is border country
Nothing to say
Leafless tree
March: skeletal trees
Stripped of their gold
Clouds rise peak upon peak
One - two - three - four - five
Hospital Room
Woodpigeons in February
Commuters on the Virgin West Coast Main Line
At the door, aware
The modern office, so impatient
Nothing deader
Friday night: how it mattered
Friends, Romans, countrymen
Southwark Bridge
Walk slowly through the city
Something about her
Back in your old room
Winter’s prickly trees
I’ve sat here too long
A robin, I hope
Hoi An, dusk
On The Road to Hanoi
Country Girl, Laos
Trouble and pain
Aching bones after
Nong Khiaw III
Nong Khiaw II
Nong Khiaw I
Shiatsu Massage
Tuol Sleng (S-21)
Villa Langka, Phnom Penh
Open the window a crack
Stumbling from my tent
Nothing fills the world
Crossing The Millennium Bridge
The Old Bell Tavern, Fleet Street
Look - flowers
After The Accident
Sunfeathered Sundays
The tatty old bear
Coming back from the doctor
After the doctor
Coming back from the doctor
The nightwatchman on his rounds
Night in the city
Nothing keeps me company
Making the rounds of the years
Five girls on a train
Being Young
In This City
A stranger’s passing glance
Running in September
London is filled
Had we eternity
Had we eternity
Had we eternity
Had we eternity
Had we eternity
Had we eternity
Had we eternity
Had we eternity
Okay, just let me
Lads with skateboards
Look up from hurtling traffic
Angel In The Fields, Marylebone
Sky News
Taxi Stopped in Traffic
Those gnarled old hands
Words heard the first time
English Summer Days
It was as we passed
These poor sunless days
Passing teenagers
The Old Thatch Tavern, Stratford-upon-Avon
Sun re-emerges
In provincial towns
Train Journey
Train travel in May
A day without ambition
Even street preachers,
Windy old day
Sometimes, just to be
Oh no it’s not cricket
Nineteen thousand tomorrows
Stratford, 1 a.m.
Flight Attendant
Rush-hour Shinjuku
Snow-capped mountains
Bathed in electric light
Kamikochi, Early Evening
Japanese courtesy 
The waitress knows
It’s not always the shrines,
Rosy from the onsen bath,
A haiku is still a haiku,
Through the train window
On a grey day
Lost in her thoughts
Tang of adventure
Waiting for a Train
Hyde Park IV
Hyde Park III
Hyde Park II
Hyde Park I
Walking in Crowds by the Serpentine
At the station’s mouth
Your other life waits
With each step you take
A day bathed in your radiance.
You often have only seconds
As long as your lovely
Fag ash summer, cold and grey
In this teeming world
Lincoln’s Inn Fields II
Lincoln’s Inn Fields I
The colour of dirt
Rerum Cognoscere Causas
The ceiling fans whirl...
Will they recall
Shopping Mall Blues
The Golden Age of the Middle Shelf...
Ten past eight, Leytonstone High Road,
Never lost his hunger
Running late for work
I yearned for a joy
Cursing your life
Pigeon - your subtle
How hungrily
Madeira, Easter Sunday II
Madeira, Easter Sunday I
Old derelict house
No afternoon
Colour once bloomed through
Vista II
Vista I
Madeira, Nightfall
I feel coldest where
The waves’ night music
Transparent, bloated
Word To An Alien
City Streets
Winter fog
Under heavy skies
He sits facing the dark
The White Lion, Bridgnorth
A bedbug, I’ve crawled
Grey morning after
Elusive in the end
Modern pubs: no smoke
Solitary men
Her skintight jeans
He slaps the rolled-up paper
Up on the big screen
Fleeing the past
“You’re kidding me"
Talbot Square, W2 III
Talbot Square, W2 II
Talbot Square, W2 I
To have at least
North Greenwich Arena, August 2012
Wedding Photograph
A modern dog
Primrose Hill IV
Primrose Hill III
Primrose Hill II
Primrose Hill I
A man who loves
Streetlamps, neon signs
“Do you like my shoes?”
To be that man in
Amid the endless
How capture Toulouse?
Today - diggers, drills
Here and there a smile
No world beyond these
Lost in their own thoughts...
Man found hanged today
Cold rain-sodden day
Nothing bluer than
The old champion
The way old people
Eternal sadness
Fountains Abbey, 4th June 2012
What silent passion’s
The last commandment
Wind blows away all
Great dome of St. Paul’s
Ducks spreading deltas
This pub’s encrusted
Small Businesses: Funchal
Afternoon declines
The hot, steep-sided
The sea. Or there’d be
Those out walking know
It’s just a pigeon
Tiny waystation
She stepped inside her
Restless eyes - all those
Surrender to her
At The Barriers
All this dream holds is
After The Fire
Frying bacon, eggs
Stephen Hawking
You’re never too old
Still that frisson - how
Lurching down the aisle
Capture that moment
Suddenly alone
You say you’re moving on
Cry of seagulls, and
City of light, glint
Itsu (Health & Happiness), The Square Mile, Sunday
The Square Mile on a Sunday III
The Square Mile on a Sunday II
The Square Mile on a Sunday I
Cunard Place, EC3, Sunday
Look-no-hands cyclist
A pub of strangers
Bank of Friendship, Highbury
Streetcorner: fished out
Green shutters dozing
Eyes keep turning from
Wait long enough and
Dodging cars, yapped at
This old shuttered house
A tug doggedly
Tell me kings don’t lose
Those untrodden paths
Why just now at the
To go deeper in
Almost caught the ball
A lighted window,
The Wargrave Arms II
The Wargrave Arms I
They can’t lighten or
Basement of Pret a Manger, Baker Street, February
A girl leans out of
Train Travel in Heavy Rain
Winter thaw: the trees
Robin on a branch 
Voyager IV
Voyager III
Voyager II
Voyager I
When all lies frozen
Robin alights, as
Bare wintry branches
Couple in earflaps
The Blind Beggar II
The Blind Beggar I
Holland Park, Early Autumn
Lunch Party
Talk’s like a river
I’ll preserve your lunch
This café abuzz:
Art in negative
If your body is
“Hoo-ray, it’s Fri-day,”
Chelsea Gardens III
Chelsea Gardens II
Chelsea Gardens I
Deepening twilight
Sunshine and hailstones
He has his photo
Why linger here? Well
Sunday clouds becalmed
Old women catching
Same breeze blowing cold
The dog died so soon
The town square clock chimes
Changing Leytonstone
Times without number
George Peabody
Dragonfly and I
Vast ancient cedar
All I need is here
Happy to travel
Sudden dragonfly
Map lies forgotten
Cameras clicking
Under Miyaji’s
Young Tokyo women,
England, October
Preachers’ Corner
The Lord Clyde, Mid-Afternoon
Earthbound: only a
The Iron Duke IV
The Iron Duke III
The Iron Duke II
The Iron Duke I
Another guest room
The sea glitters with
A seagull flapping
Big bang. Smashed window
Parents with Small Boy, Christmas
The Windsor Castle IV
The Windsor Castle III
The Windsor Castle II
The Windsor Castle I
The Larrik, Crawford Place, W1
Midday in the Jebel Sahro
Battery run out
Jebel Sahro, Morocco V
Jebel Sahro, Morocco IV
Jebel Sahro, Morocco III
Jebel Sahro, Morocco II
Jebel Sahro, Morocco I
The Marlborough Arms, 2.20 p.m.
The sea never tires
The upright swans rule
Blue skies, trees, duckpond 
Leamington station,
Hanoi’s lake shimmers
Gingerly, pylons
Regent’s Park IV
Regent’s Park III
Regent’s Park II
Regent’s Park I
(Alternative) Summit Meeting: Opening Address
Glasses on their cord
Fat woman waddling
She’ll take in young men
Madeira, Stormy Tuesday II
Madeira, Stormy Tuesday I
Speeding Train
Two Girls on a Train
People on a Train
Her pale body buds
Trafalgar Square, October Evening II
Trafalgar Square, October Evening I
August Bank Holiday, Fitzroy Tavern
August Bank Holiday, Central London
Huayna Picchu
Each step uphill is
If Only
Thirty thousand feet
I do not know you
Berkeley Square II
Berkeley Square I
A woman’s bare arms
Another View of a Mugging
Aftermath of a Mugging
Pub Mystique
This New Year
St. Luke’s, Chelsea, January
Almost-End-of-Year Haiku
Two Foreign Lovers
The Princess Louise, Holborn II
The Princess Louise, Holborn I
Bloomsbury Square Gardens, December II
Bloomsbury Square Gardens, December I
Walking fast, phone pressed
Walking Home
Pod-job over with
Outside the station
You can’t do or be
The invincible
Millions of us
Finsbury Circus
Today’s pain will die
Bank Holiday II
Bank Holiday I
Green Park, Autumn III
Green Park, Autumn II
Green Park, Autumn I
Embankment, July
The Shakespeare’s Head, Holborn
St. James’s Park
The Pig & Whistle, Liverpool
No earned gravitas
Man in a blue shirt
Street Hawkers, India
Taj Mahal
Traffic Roundabout, Jaipur
Happiness is a Cold Beer and a Good Book
Enervated by
Black billowing trees
Spending The Night in a New Home
Alone at forty
Maximilian Hotel, Prague
Street fills with the flap
Café, November:
La Closerie des Lilas
A long afternoon’s
Outside: Paris thrums
One more night alone
Crossing Southwark Bridge
Fields of frozen mud
My old pencil case
At the year’s dark end
Last night’s plates unscraped
“Close the door, sit down”
Garlicky fingers